Where Can I Get Help and Advice About Benefits?


The government of the UK provides many kinds of benefits for people facing unfortunate circumstances. Among other things, you will get financial support, in case you’re retired, disabled, or out of work due to some illness. Though getting a benefit is not as simple as you might think and there are many criteria that you’ll have to fulfil in order to avail of them. 

Even though you could possibly handle it yourself, it is quite natural if you feel like you need some help, or rather advice. In that case, there is no lack of advisers, and you can choose the best in the UK. Keep reading to get more information related to benefits helpline. 

What type of Benefits is available to you?

There can be different situations where a person might need financial or other kinds of support. As such, there are different types of benefits that you can avail. You might find yourself entitled to one or more of them. Here are some of the most common benefits helpline:

  • Pension Credit

This is probably the most claimed benefit in the country. Every year millions of people in the UK opt for pension benefits. This is provided mainly to those people who have reached the minimum age required to get a pension. The state pension age might differ from time to time with amendments in the law. Having a low income is another criterion that is required to receive pension credit. The amount is paid to you once in 4 weeks. 

  • Universal Credit

Earlier, there used to be as many as 6 other benefits including child tax credit and other allowances. You must have capital below £16,000 to be able to avail of this benefit. The amount you’ll receive will be calculated after keeping aside £6000 and counting the remaining amount. The lesser it is, the bigger payment you receive.

  • Housing Benefit

This benefit is meant to help the people who cannot afford to pay their house rents. You can get this benefit only if you live in a rented house with your partner. In addition to that, both you and your partner must be above the minimum pension age. You can also get this benefit if you are getting or have stopped receiving a severe disability premium. 

  • Council Tax Support

Struggling to keep up with your council tax arrears? You can avail a council tax support from the local council. This benefit is available to both homeowners, and people who live in a rented house. It is meant only for those who have low income and can’t afford their council tax bills. You can apply for this, to your local council, and the amount you’ll receive will be calculated based on your earnings and capital. 

  • Disability Living Allowance

This is a benefit that can be availed by a child who faces disability. So, for obvious reasons, there are no requirements related to earnings and capital. Though there is an upper age limit, which is 16 years. All children below that age will receive this benefit, which would help to cover their additional needs. In addition to these common types, there are many other benefits that you can be entitled to. 

  • Personal Independence Payment

Just like the previous one is for people below 16, a Personal Independence Payment is meant for people above that age. In this case, too, there is no criteria requirement regarding income or capital. 

  • Food Bank

Monetary support isn’t the only kind of benefit that the government provides you. There are food banks for those who are unable to pay for sufficient amounts of food. Generally speaking, you can avail the service of a food bank, only after you get a voucher from an organization such as the police, local council, social workers, etc. These are known as referral organizations. Once you get the voucher, you can go to the nearest food bank. 

How would you be Paid and how often?

The payment would be sent directly to your bank account only. You can also have it sent to your credit union or building society account if you prefer. Earlier, the payments used to be sent in post office card accounts but will stop altogether, after the specified date. 

Regarding how frequently you’ll be paid, it differs according to the type of benefit. Disability and pension benefits are typically paid every fourth week and the ones related to income support every second week. For more information look for benefits helpline.

Where can I get Help and Advice about Benefits?

Since benefits are complicated, you might need some advice on the matter before proceeding. There are many places from which you’ll be able to find the requisite suggestion. Hence, these are some that are recommendation on benefits helpline that you can look for:

  • Law Centres

A law centre will basically work for the welfare of the disadvantaged people. You can simply reach out to your local law centre and get all the help and advice that you need. Moreover, they wouldn’t charge you any money for their services. 

Apart from benefits, they can also provide legal advice in matters of debt, employment, housing, etc. There’s absolutely no restriction on who can contact them. You can either consult them face-to-face or through the phone, though this option may not be available in your area. 

  • Citizens Advice

You can get all the help and advice related to claiming a benefit from Citizens Advice. Not only that, but they will also help you regarding the matters of debt, housing, employment, etc. 

Though you must note that their services are available only in Wales and England. You can reach out to them for advice on weekdays during working hours, except during public holidays. With a simple phone call at their helpline, online chat, or visit, you can have all your questions regarding benefits answered and doubts cleared. 

  • Age UK 

If you’re a pensioner looking for some advice, here is someone dedicated to providing you assistance. If you have any problems regarding your benefit, the advisers from Age UK will help you with solutions. They would ensure that you are given all the benefits that are applicable to you. 

You can simply give them a call or visit them if they have a branch in your locality. You can even arrange for an adviser to visit you at your preferred place and time. Need help with claiming a benefit? They can be of great help in that as well. Moreover, their services are available throughout the year. 

  • Gingerbread Helpline for Single Parents

Are you a single parent looking for benefits advice? Gingerbread comes with their services, especially for cases like yours. They help out a huge number of people with benefit-related issues, every year. You won’t have to pay any charge for the services you avail. Simply reach them through their helpline or with an online chat. 

  • Government Disability Benefits Helpline

Among other advisory services, you can also check out the one provided by the UK government. You can get good advice from them in matters of disability-related benefits. You can reach out to them with a call. Check out the UK government website to get contact details and mail address for various advisory services. 

You can get good advice and guidance for all benefits that make you eligible to apply for claims in the UK. Simply follow the highlighted points on the benefits helplines discussed above.