Who is Robinson Way? The Debt Collection Company of UK

robway debt collector

The Robinson Way, which is also known as the Robway is an agency that collects debts from various people. Moreover, it is also a credit agency that delivers multiple services to the people not only in the UK but also in across countries of the European subcontinent. 

In the beginning, the organization was a subsidiary part of the UK financial services. The Robway takes over the unpaid debts from other creditors. After that, they inform the debtors about the repayment. If you receive a letter from them and are confused about the different names of the creditors, make sure that your debts have been sold. 

The Rules of Debt Collection

According to the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the rules are very much strict and the collection agencies must follow them. One must not have the right to demand additional charges in an unfair way. Furthermore, harassing a person is also strictly prohibited. An agency will never have the right to take over your property. 

In addition to that, they cannot take legal actions without the permission of the county court of the UK. The process of sending an advanced notice must be done by them. But, the FCA also has some rules for you i.e. debtor. You must not ignore them at any cost. Ignoring them will never let your debt be eliminated, as well as the situation might even get worse. 

The Robway’s Visit 

The agents of the Robway can visit your home just for a formal discussion about the debts repayments. But, this type of visits and discussions will never leave a positive impact on the people of your home. It is better not to involve the dear ones who live with you. So, act with a positive mindset, during the discussion. 

How can they Chase you?

The Robway has high-tech gadgets to track your every activity. They will first call you or send a formal letter by post. In that letter or call, you will be informed about the home visit. Apart from that, they can easily take the help of the court and issue a judgement order against you. 

In addition to that, the Robway can also inform you of being bankrupt. When the letter arrives, you must not panic, as this is the formal means of communication. Just take it lightly, but never ignore it. 

How about Visiting the Court?

Yes, the Robway can take you to the court when you don’t respond to their modes of communication. Basically, they take this step when you do not answer their call or repay the debt. They are forced to inform the court and take actions against you, which will not be fruitful for you.

Robinson Way: How to Deal with them?

Dealing with the Robway, a debt collector is not so difficult a task. There are several debt management approaches that can take you out of this situation. Some of them are like the Individual Voluntary Arrangement, Trust Deeds, protection with the help of administrative orders, Debt Relief Orders and many more. Always try to consult with a good debt management institution. Consult with them and tell the entire matter. With the help of their advice, pick up a plan that is suitable for you. 

Show the Debt Letter

On the agent’s arrival, ask them to show the proof that you have debts to clear. If they don’t bring the hard copy with them, then probably it is sent to you via email. Download the soft copy of the letter and read it carefully. If you are not satisfied with the letter, ask them to give a proper justification regarding the proof of the debts. If you don’t owe any debts, then generally you will not get any type of letter from them. 

What can be your Rights against the Robway?

If you are a resident of the United Kingdom, you also have the rights to deal with any type of debt collectors. Directly, the organization cannot bother, harass or threaten you. During their ongoing communication, help them to understand that they only have the right to communicate with you. 

You should never allow them to make any contact with your family members. They are bound to listen to that. Take all of your neighbours into the consideration. If they try to do something without any proof, restrict them at once. Moreover, make them understand their limits. 

Does the Robway provide Debt Assistance?

Not at all. The company will not provide you with direct assistance to pay the debts. In this type of case, you might have to speak directly with the creditor. Try to settle the matter, so that you may receive some concession or some time extension from them. The Robway generally acts like a middle person between you and the creditors by buying the incomplete debts. 

For Whom they Collect Debts?

With the help of the bulk purchase method, they gather all the debts from various types of organizations. Some of the debts are like parking lot fines, electricity, water and telephone bills, various types of tax and arrears, debt and credit card loans and many more. For the time being, Paypal, Natwest and other reputed organizations have joined hands with the Robway. 

Are they real?

Yes, of course, they are legit, certified and also authorized by the FCA. Apart from that, they also have a hoist portfolio that comes from Holding 2 Limited. In addition to that, Robway has its own website, as well as an office in the area of Manchester, UK. You can check their website anytime. 

Having Trouble with the Robway?

Prepare a complaint letter and send it to the complaint ID. If you don’t find the ID, then their official website will provide you with all the details. Furthermore, using their helpline number will also help you out in filing a complaint against them.