Who are PRA Group UK? Creditors or Debt Collectors?

The PRA Group UK is an organization that collects debts on the behalf of the creditors. Their headquarters are at Kent, United Kingdom. Their trading name is PRA Group (UK) Limited. At the beginning of the year 1996, the company was registered as the Portfolio Recovery Associates. 

After getting much popularity, it has expanded itself all over the continents of Europe. They collect debts for various types of organization and are always ready to serve government crediting bodies.  

The PRA Group UK Collects Debts for?

Here is the list of organizations for which PRA Group UK collects the debt amount: 

  • MBNA
  • Quick cash loans
  • Several payday loan organizations
  • Wonga
  • Barclays Card
  • TSB
  • Lloyds TSB
  • And many more

PRA Group UK: Their Activities 

They are the agents who will try to communicate with you regarding the debts. If they fail to collect the amount or if you don’t pay, then it is very much legit that they can take actions against you. The first one can be the Warrant of Control, this has the power to hire and send a bailiff at your home, to pay a visit. 

Now, if you are ready to pay the bailiffs, they will not at all consolidate with you. They can add an extra amount of money to the main amount of debt and send you a letter. Moreover, they can opt for the attachment of earnings, as well. 

This type of attachments fulfils the eligibility criteria for covering the debt payment from a section of your earnings. Last but not the least, the PRA Group UK also has the ability to file a charging order against you. This order will lead to a severe impact on your assets. Be careful, the order will come directly from the court and you cannot diffuse it. 

Do you need to visit the Court?

During severe occasions, you might have to visit the court. Before that, the PRA Group UK will send you a legal notice regarding their visit. After that, a home visit will take place. If you are not ready to pay the due amount, then the court will call you up and you have to justify yourself regarding the failure of the payment. 

How will it affect the Credit Report?

Now, you need to deal with one of the most challenging matters. The credit report holds one of the main priorities in buying and selling on credits, in the near future. But, if your activities are not up to the mark regarding the debt payment, then the credit report will suffer. 

Having the name of the County Court on your books of credit will create severe barriers in making the credit transactions in the future. Unfortunately, the debt details will remain on the credit report for the six years. 

Your Authorized Rights to Deal with PRA Group UK

The agents can pick up different modes of communication, you have the right to choose any one of them. It is better to choose communication through letters instead of phone calls, messages, and visits. Moreover, they don’t have the right to interact with your family members as well as neighbors. 

Now, based on the data protection laws of the United Kingdom, they cannot communicate with your relatives, without your permission. But, the most important thing that you should know is that they don’t have any type of legal powers like the bailiffs. 

Want to Ignore the PRA Group UK?

Ignoring the agents of the PRA Group UK can lead to a risky situation. Whenever they try to contact you, always respond to them. Otherwise, without informing you, they can file a case against you. To avoid this kind of situation always stay alert and respond to their very first letter. 

Paying off Debts with PRA Group UK

The PRA Group UK will not assist you in giving back the debts. Instead of that, you can talk directly to the creditors. Moreover, try to negotiate with them so that they reduce the monthly amount which might be helpful for you. Make sure that you explain all the financial scenarios. 

Types of Debts Collected by the PRA

There are basically two types of debts collected by the organization, and they are debts based on consumers and business. Reputed business organizations hire them to collect debts. Apart from that, there are a few common debts that the PRA deals with, like the due amount of the council, several types of fines, various outstanding payments, undue loans, and many more. 

How can you pay PRA Group UK?

Paying them has more than one procedure. All in all, they just want the due money from you. You can easily pay them with the help of your debit and credit cards. Other than that, there is also the availability of online internet banking, transferring from one bank to another, overdraft, via post and many more. All you need to do is register with a valid email ID with PRA Group UK. 

Are you facing any Trouble?

When you are really offended by the PRA agents, then you have the right to file complaints against them. The official website of the PRA Group UK will serve you the best in this matter. Find out the helpline number or the email address and state your issue. 

Find the aid for the Debt Clearance

There are several companies that are always available for you to support you through your debt. Take the help of the internet and find out a reliable debt advice agency that has the most positive feedback. Visit their office and give them all the detailed information about the debts you have. 

Some of the reputed companies of the UK are like Debt Advice Help, Debt Relief Support, National Debtline, StepChange and many more. Before accepting a debt management plan, make sure you check all the necessary information before proceeding further.