Phoenix Commercial Collections — A Perfect Debt Management Company

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Do you owe a certain amount of money to Phoenix Commercial Collections? Have your debt-collectors joined this company and sent a letter or visited your home recently? Wait! Hold on! Don’t unnecessarily fret over such instances, because their sole purpose is to collect debts from the clients. Be its council tax, unpaid parking tickets, or rent arrears debts — this debt collection company handles every aspect of it. 

In a nutshell, it can be clearly stated that Phoenix Commercial Collections is a bailiff company that can break into your house, but only when you’ll don’t make the debt payment and ignore their letter. 

Therefore, we would highly recommend making the debt payment, within the provided time-span to avoid certain unwanted circumstances. And, if you fail to make the payment, consider getting IVA settlements.

But, before that, here are a few details that you must know — about the consequences that you might have to face when Phoenix Commercial Collection will arrive for the debt collection.

What Does Phoenix Commercial Collection Primarily Deal with? 

Well, by now, you must have understood what duties and responsibilities, Phoenix Commercial Collections undertakes. The majority of the debt collection agencies simply enforce veteran administrative associates for the debt collection process. 

Though, these sorts of companies don’t hold any further legal obligations or power to arrive at your residence, without any prior notice. Additionally, they won’t even have the right to seize the property when someone fails to repay the debt within the provided time. 

But, Phoenix Commercial Collections turned out to be an all-in-one company located in the United Kingdoms. Apart from dealing with administration and debt collection works, they also hold the capabilities to render law enforcement services. This simply implies that the professionals associated with this company also tackle the enforced debt payments. And, this includes the debts that are currently under court obligation, and agents are sent to the respective house, to collect the money or collect a portion of their goods and properties. 

So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that this company mainly works as a middleman between the debt payers and the court authorities. Even if they don’t have any legal power, ignoring their debt letters will be a major mistake. 

How Does Phoenix Commercial Collect the Council Tax? 

Well, being one of the leading debt collection companies, they have been involved in collecting parking fines, business-debts, and unpaid house rents from potential clients. However, Phoenix Commercial Collections has received widespread recognition for mostly collecting the unpaid council taxes. 

So, if you have recently received a debt letter, it might be because of a due council tax payment. And, when you fail to do so, they will send a team of Bailiffs to collect your belongings, as a payment for the unpaid council tax. 

However, this sort of instance might take place when the council tax debt will be under a law enforcement action. Simply, avoid getting a goods removal notice from Phoenix Commercial Collection by following their order. 

But, before that, every debt payer must know how Phoenix Enforcement mainly proceeds during the debt collection process. 

How Does Phoenix Enforcement Work? 

Technically, Phoenix Enforcement Agents mainly act as a bailiff. Moreover, they are well-equipped with the legal certifications that are required to perform the enforcement duties. The entire enforcement job is critically regulated by the Ministry of Justice. They mainly offer law enforcement services for the local authorities in England and Wales. 

What the Phoenix Commercial Collections Agents can Seize?

You already know, they have a certain legal power to gain access to the existing belongings of your house. However, the amount of the goods that the Bailiffs will seize, will be determined after calculating the amount of debt that you owe to the creditors. 

When the creditor will take further action and take the help of the court authorities, bailiffs will automatically get involved in this debt collection process. 

And, here is the list of the assets that their agents might take: 

  • Do you own any luxurious items such as gaming consoles or LED TV? Then, you have to simply give that away as a part of debt repayment.
  • Moreover, there is a high probability of seizing your possessed jewellery, money and even you might have to sell the antique art pieces. 
  • If you jointly own something such as an electrical appliance or any other goods, the bailiffs will even take that away. 

Can Phoenix Agents Take Away Cars for the Debt Repayment?

Hang on! Have you recently bought a car? And, did you owe a debt to the creditor for borrowing money to buy the car? Then, there is a high probability that the Phoenix agents can take that away as well. 

Cars, being one of the most valuable assets, will be easier to seize because of their high worth. Thus, the bailiffs associated with this organization have the allowance to take cars and other sorts of vehicles as part of the debt payment. 

Want to gain additional details about the car-seizing process of this debt-collection company? However, the company follows certain stringent rules and regulations before seizing the vehicles. 

Here’s are few basic rules that will not only enlighten you but also will be beneficial when their agents will forcibly try to take away the cars:

  • They can only take control of the car when there is only a sole owner of the property. Additionally, if you have jointly bought the car with someone else, they won’t be able to seize it.
  • When you will buy the car considering a Hire-Purchase (HP) agreement, it can’t be taken away, even by the Phoenix Commercial Collection agents.
  • Do you have a Blue Disabled Badge in your car? Then, it’s quite impossible to take it away.

And, if you are thinking about what basically a blue badge is, then let us make it clear in the first place. It’s basically a gateway, specifically applicable for the disabled persons, provided by the UK Government. So, when it comes to the possession-seizing, performed by Phoenix, car owners with weak health conditions are kept out of this process. 

When the Bailiffs Can’t Take Away the Car? 

Alternatively, their agents can’t take or sell the vehicles when you have already signed for a controlled goods agreement. According to this, selling a car is completely against the agreement rules. 

But, if you will somehow lose the repayment plan of the agreement, none can save your possession from getting under the control of the bailiffs. 

What the Phoenix Commercial Collections Agents can’t Seize?

Wait! Don’t worry, because there are certain commodities that Phoenix Commercial Collections won’t be able to take even after showcasing legal documentations. And, these include household goods like:

  • Clothes, a few specific home appliances such as a cooker, fridge; especially the belongings that are essential for sustainability won’t be seized. 
  • Do you have a tool or equipment which costs less than £1,350? Then, you won’t have to hand over those things to the Phoenix Agents. 
  • Further, when you borrow something from another person, it won’t be counted as your possessions. Thus, it can be seized by the bailiffs of this company. 

However, make sure, you have made a valid statement to save your household goods from their bailiffs.

Is there any Chance of Getting Back the Belongings?

Nevertheless, to say, Phoenix Commercial Collections immediately sends back the goods that they have taken, but only in specific circumstances. Thus, you will only regain the commodity, when you will opt for the following conditions:

  • When you will set an agreement with the creditor and state them to request Phoenix to return the goods.
  • Moreover, to get back the goods, you have to further buy the goods from Phoenix. Make sure you have paid them the right amount to avoid further inconvenience. 
  • You have to pay the debts within the fixed period of time, and before the belongings get sold by the Phoenix agents.
  • Also, when the Phoenix bailiffs are not knowledgeable enough, most likely they will make mistakes during the goods-seizing process. As a result, they won’t be able to take away the goods from you. 

What Should You do after getting a Debt Letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections?

You might have received a debt letter from this company and right now thinking about how to deal with the scenario. If you don’t have sufficient money for the debt payment, it will be cumbersome for you to tackle the entire situation. Because, after receiving the letter, you have to take immediate action to avoid further repayment-instances. Don’t delay in the payment, as you might end up getting court orders for such negligence. 

Therefore, after just receiving the letter, get in touch with Phoenix Commercial Collections within a few days and ask for proof. They will promptly send all the details about the debt that needs to be paid. Because, at times, the company agents might send the debt letter to the wrong address and this might bring up the worst-case scenario. 

What Should You Include in their Debt Letter?

When you are in a dilemma about the debt letter sent by Phoenix Commercial Ltd, simply write back to them instantly. And, don’t forget to keep a copy of the letter as proof when their agents come to visit your house. You might find several templates online for writing a letter to this debt-collection agency. 

But, it will be better if you write on your own without considering any sort of help. Here is the list of requirements that you need to include while writing the request proof letter:

  • Make sure, you have added the reference number in the letter, if only it’s mentioned in Phoenix’s debt letter. 
  • Don’t forget to mention not to call or send any further letters, without sending the proof. 
  • Also, write that you might take legal action if they pressurize you to pay the money that you don’t even owe. 

The majority of the residents over here tend to overlook the debt letter, without thinking about the consequences that they might have to face in the future. But, sending a debt letter to someone without any legal documents is considered harassment. 

Don’t sign after writing the letter, that might get recorded as proof and you might get into fraudulent pretences. Printing your name instead of signing will be a wise decision.

When One Can’t Ask for Proof to the Phoenix Commercial?

Technically, there are two major instances, where sending a letter for debt-related proof won’t be applicable. When this company has already sent relevant documents and when you have a statute-barred debt that you no longer have to pay. 

How did a Debt turn into a Statute Barred Debt?

Have you heard about this term previously? If not, then it’s high time to know what exactly statute barred debt indicates. Technically, when a creditor fails to decide within an estimated time, the debt gets written off. Even, it can’t be recovered with the help of legislative action. In certain cases, the Phoenix Commercial won’t be able to collect the existing debts, even if it’s previously not paid. 

Is there any Chance of Making the Phoenix Commercial Debt, Statute Barred?

Obviously Yes! But, certain criteria will be checked for a statute-barred debt. However, all the following requirements should be met, if any of them are not applicable, then it won’t fall under the statute-barred category:

  • Is the debt under a CCJ agreement? Then, it can’t be turned into a statute-barred debt. 
  • Also, the debt has to be six or more than six years old. 
  • Make sure, you haven’t opted for debt payment in the past six years. 
  • However, if the debt payers had made an agreement with any company, from whom they owe the debt, within six years, it won’t be considered as statute-barred. 

What Should One do After Receiving a Statute Barred Debt Letter?

Once you get the statute-barred debt letter, don’t opt for writing a letter for further proof. Simply, write them a letter instead, notifying them that you have successfully received it. And, when you get this letter, it simply means that Phoenix Commercial won’t send any further letters or visit your house to collect the debt. 

Even, they won’t take any legal action for the debt collection. You can even take help from any trusted debt charity websites while writing the letter. Or, if you are a professional writer, it won’t be that difficult to write, owing to your immense writing experience. 

Is there any Other Way to Avoid the Debt Getting Under Court’s Action?

Once Phoenix Commercial Collections confirms that you owe a debt and it’s not a statute-barred one, then there is only a solution that you can go with. Yes! It’s pretty easy to guess. Simply, make a monthly payment to Phoenix to write off the debt. 

This payment process might take an ample amount of time to complete, but undeniably it’s the best solution. Especially, when you are running out of cash, you will be unable to pay the whole amount at once. 

Simply, write an application to them, requesting the monthly payment process. Additionally, you can even reach them through their helpline number. But, we would advise you not to make a huge amount of monthly payment, as it’ll be hard to arrange. Ultimately, when you won’t be able to pay the bulk amount, it will automatically increase the risk level. 

Have you Previously Applied for Individual Voluntary Arrangement?

If not, then by now, you should consider filling up an online IVA application; it’s one of the best debt-solution. So, if you immediately want to clear the Phoenix Commercial debt, get an IVA. This agreement is basically drawn by an authorized debt-solution company for individuals who owe more than £1700. 

How an IVA can Aid in Clearing the Debt?

Right now, you must be wondering, how an IVA can help you in removing the debt burden. Then, it’s important to include that, you will be given a time limit of five years to complete the overall debt amount. 

An estimated monthly repayment amount will be fixed during the agreement. Moreover, if you fail to make the payment, the debt-solution company might help you in extending the time-span. 

Rules and Regulations that Needs to be Maintained while Dealing with Phoenix Commercial

Obviously, after receiving their debt letter, you have to follow certain things. And, here are a few rules and duties that one should consider:

  • You can’t discuss any debt-related information with anyone.
  • Phoenix agents must carry a CCJ with them before taking away their possessions. 
  • Don’t let them enter your house if they don’t bring any CCJ-related documents with them.
  • Even, if you fail to make the debt payment, they don’t have the legal power to force someone to choose a debt solution.
  • The company associates have to clarify all the doubts the debt-payers have; as it’s essential. 
  • Provide them the right time when you will be able to receive their call. 

For Further Assistance, Take Help from the Debt Charities

Are you getting any problems while dealing with Phoenix Commercial Collections? Then, simply take assistance from the leading debt charities. Moreover, some of them provide free customer advice and support to the debt-payers who are in crisis. Even, they will guide you to choose the ideal debt-solution based on your financial situation. So, simply get hold of one of their professionals right now!