Who are Opos & How Do they Collect Debt? Should You Pay Them?

First, you have to know who are Opos and what work they do. Moreover, Opos are basically known as the leading debt collection service provider. They are also BPO service providers in the banking utility, telecom and retail finance sectors. Moreover, they have legal rights and have the same power as the original creditor from whom you own your debt. 

Opos provide consumer and commercial collections to their clients, within the United Kingdom, in West Dunbartonshire. Furthermore, FCA registered them to collect them in the UK and the full name of this provider is Opos service. If you contact you, then you need to know — who are Opos.

What will happen if You don’t pay them?

Opos generally use computer systems or you can say customer relationship management systems, to chase or to track their debtors. They have to follow a debt process to deal with the clients. But, this method comes across as aggressive. Further, you will be more aware if you have seen the documentaries and news articles where they are criticising the unskilled debt collectors and agents. 

Though their power has been reduced by the government yet their main strategy of collecting debt remains the same. At first, they will start their pre-action protocol. The pre-action protocol includes phone calls and letters. The letter would be a written letter explaining the total debt owed, and if any penalties arise. The deadline to repay the full debt will also be mentioned in the letter, and along with that the consequences, if you don’t repay the debt. 

The consequences would be a visit to your house, a County Court Judgement (CCJ) issued by Opos, and a threat of bankruptcy, only if the debt is above 750 pounds. Moreover, you need to act quickly as you get the letter. 

Actions Opos can take against the Debtor 

As already mentioned that Opos is a debt collecting agency. There is no difference in the legal power of Opos and the original creditor who earlier owned the debt. They can track you for the repayment of the debt, but they have to follow the protocol. They can’t harass you unreasonably. And, if you make any reasonable request, like contacting you at a certain etc., they must respect that. 

Opos can even send their agents to collect the debt, if you won’t repay the debt, but they don’t have any legal rights and mustn’t claim to be one. They can’t disturb you or enter into your house without your permission or can’t even remove the goods. 

If you feel uncomfortable with their presence and you ask them to leave, then they have to. If they want to take any actions that are given below against the debtor, then they have to get permission from the court. The actions are written below, and they are:

  • If the Opos service agents want to issue a County Court Judgement against them, then they have to take the permission of the court first. 
  • If the Opos service provider wants to send agents at your house to recover goods that have the value of debt, then they have to take the permission of the court. They can’t send agents just like that to your house. 
  • They can’t apply for any attachment of Earning Order or a Charging Order unnecessarily. For this, Ops need to take permission from the court. 

Rights the Debtor have against the Opos Service Provider

We all have certain rights that our country provides to protect us and also to protect our family’s security. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, the debtors also have the same rights. The rights are given below:

  • Harassment 

The Opos service provider agents can’t harass you for no reason. They can contact you through any medium, but as long as it is rational. This does not have any particular description, but you need to be assured that you are being harassed. The agents are just doing their work, but there’s a thin line of doing the job and harassing someone. 

Further, you need to be truthful to yourself, you can use this as your defence so that you don’t have to repay the debt. Moreover, you can also ask the Opos to contact you only through letters, but you need to be responsive about these letters. 

  • Family Involvement

Opos can’t really involve your family, without your permission. They don’t have the right to speak to your family, friends and even with the neighbours, it is against the UK data protection law. Further, it can be very stressful for the people around the debtor. 

  • Power 

Basically, they don’t have any legal power, so they can’t even pretend to have one which they do not possess. Earlier different debt collectors used to use legal documents which look like official court documents. But, later a law was passed against this, to prevent it. 

  • Threats

Already mentioned that they can’t harass you unnecessarily. Everyone is doing their job and you don’t have the right to abuse or threaten someone. Even the agents can’t lie about anything just to collect the debt fast. If there is some tension, they both should sit and talk about the matter and come to a solution. 

Can the agents come home to collect the debt? 

Opos generally have field agents appointed to visit the debtor and discuss with him about the matter. Their visit can be very upstanding not only for the debtor but also for the entire family members. These visits can be very stressful and can have a bad effect on the debtors and even the people around him. 

Moreover, these are some basic methods used by Opos to collect the debt. You can also appoint a debt company to make things easier. Try to choose a more experienced one who has the experience to deal with this service like Opos. Thus, look for the one who knows all the methods or tactics they would use to collect the debt from you and knows how to stop it. 

What to do if Opos won’t stop calling?

Every debt collection agency has to work according to financial conduct authority just like Opos. Debt collectors do have some restrictions, and they can’t break the protocol. For example, they can’t threaten you with legal action, because they don’t have any. Further, they cannot send letters that look like court forms or pretend to have legal rights. 

If your debt is being managed, they can chase you any more. They have agreed to work with the CSA code of conduct. Opos do the following thing, and there the code of conduct simply doesn’t agree. 

  • They can call you anytime till you repay the debt. 
  • Further, they can even contact you that doesn’t meet the preference that you already agreed with them. 
  • They can even call you at your work or even after you told them not to. And, this can be a very stressful process.
  • They can even discuss the debt with your family members, friends and even with your neighbour. 
  • Adding to all this, they can even take payment without taking your permission. 
  • If you have contracted a debt advice agent, then the Opos might not give you time and hear your opinion. 
  • They even can pressurize you to borrow money from elsewhere and repay the full debt.
  • Opos can threaten you about taking legal actions against, and thus you can get confused.
  • Lastly, they can demand extra payment if the debt is old enough. 

What to do next if I get a letter or a call from the Opos?

Following are the things you need to do if you get a letter or a call from Opos. 

  • Check you Debt

The first thing you need to do is to go and check if you actually owned the debt or not. Check the letter sent by Opos, whether the debt is yours as mentioned in it. If you are unsure, then check the credit agency to know about your debt. 

  • Verify the Documents

Tell the Opos to prove the debt they say that is yours. They have to mark the debt as settled if they can prove it. You are advised not to sign on any letter as the company has to give the original copy. 

  • Debt no longer Enforced

Generally, there is a time limit to repay the debt. For example in England 6 years is given and in Scotland 5 years is given. It will be counted from your last payment when you have given the money. 


Every detailed information about Opos debt collector service is given above. This will help you to deal with the creditor and how to repay your debt within time. You will get to know more about who are Opos, and how they work. If required you should get in touch with a debt advisor to sort the situation.