Who is Moorcroft Debt Recovery? Debt Collector of UK

About 5 to 8 million people in the UK are struggling with their debts. Moorcroft Debt Recovery has the biggest impact on the people who have to clear the debt. According to the statistics, more than 1 million active debit accounts are present in their main system. So, repaying the money to this organization will be a daunting task. 

During this type of situation, you must not panic at all. In the very beginning, knowing about the company is very important. After that, getting all the detailed information about their working procedure will help you to decide your next step.

Know about the Moorcroft Organization

Apart from the activities regarding debt recovery, this organization also has bailiffs. Moorcroft organization does its job in a bit different way. They actually buy all the debts from the other companies that are still outstanding in nature. Furthermore, they get several discounts for that.

Several onshore agents are being hired by them. They have formed a group or a team and work all together. Whenever there is a need, they get along and visit the residence. 

Owing Debts to Moorcroft

It is very much natural that you can borrow money from the organization. When the debts are outstanding, the Moorcroft Debt Recovery will send you a legal notice. After getting it, you must not be afraid or panic. Of course, you must take the matter seriously and work it out peacefully. Just follow a set of rules that will be present in a template format. Furthermore, maintain the formalities as given in the papers provided by them. 

Can you Remove the Debts?

Yes, the debts can be eliminated that belong to the Moorcroft Debt Recovery organization. The only path for the elimination of the debts is affording an individual voluntary agreement. For this, you have to contact a certain company that provides this type of agreement. 

If the debt is lower in cost, then there is no need to worry about the debts to be written off. You can do it on your own. Just pay small clusters of money to the Moorcroft Debt Recovery at the end of each month. 

Moorcroft Agents after You?

There can be specific situations where Moorcroft can come after you, if the debts are still left to be paid and you are delaying, then the organization will send you a notice. It’s just a warning letter in the disguise of notice. But, you might be confused — why is the Moorcroft Debt Recovery asking for the debt that belongs to some other creditors? It is just because those creditors have sold off the debts to the organization. 

Consequences of Ignoring the Warning Letters

When Moorcroft sends you a warning letter regarding the payment, then you must not take it lightly. In addition to that, if they call you and get it unanswered, then the tables might turn against you. They have the right to take further legal action. On the other hand, they will also not hesitate to go to the court and ask you there for a justification regarding ignoring the letters. 

The Course of Actions 

Regarding the failure of paying the debts, the Moorcroft Debt Recovery’s first action will be sending the bailiffs. These are people that are being directly hired by the organization itself. They can enter your home, with orders from the court, and take over the valuable goods. On the other hand, they will leave aside all the belongings that are of your personal use. 

Moorcroft Organization Working for?

The team that collects the debts, works under various groups or organizations. But, the starting value of debt must be more than 750 pounds. This type of amount belongs to the higher registers and must be treated with ultimate priority. The debt collection concern works for credit card companies, joint venture organizations, government agencies like Council Tax, media, and other courts. 

What are their Rights?

The Moorcroft Debt Recovery has certain rights regarding the demand of the due payments from you. Of course, they can chase you and along with that, the communication will remain active between you and them. You need to deal with them with the help of letters, notices, phone calls and more. You need to hold on your patience and act calmly maintaining a perfect psychological order. 

Few Possibilities 

After hearing all the details, you might wonder what type of items that can be lost regarding the late payments? Yes, there are some possibilities and you must not ignore them at all. The possibilities are given below:

  • Losing your Residence 

Believe it or not, the factor of losing your home is obviously possible. If you cannot pay the debts in time, then they have the right to take over your home. Further, if it is given a mortgage against the due amount of money, then the course of action is just inevitable. There will be an order from the court, permitting to take over your house. 

  • Cannot Pay at All

It is not at all ethical that you take a loan and say that you have no money to pay. Always try to return it within the given amount of time. Otherwise, the Moorcroft Debt Recovery will take legal steps against you, and you need to be ready to deal with any type of circumstances. Taking debt help is legal, but are you really ready to face all the consequences? Hopefully not. 

  • Restrict the Contact of Moorcroft to you 

Visiting and seeking assistance from any debt help organization will help you in stopping the Moorcroft from contacting you. Just follow and maintain all the formal procedures and the debt assistance will stop any type of visit to the home, incoming calls and letters, bailiffs, and many more. 

Don’t Pay to Moorcroft, Why?

Sounds very much daring, right? But, you should not do it at any cost. Due to the failure in the debt payment process, the host organizations like Moorcroft Debt Recovery can take intensive legal actions against you. Sometimes, the actions go beyond the limit and loss of jobs, degrade the reputation in the business and other complications take place, as per the reports. 

That is why you must be prepared when there are no favourable conditions available. Always try to avoid them at the end of the month. There are certain reasons for it. The Moorcroft Debt agency consists of a team of people who will continuously bother you regarding the debt. They are being paid to do so. 

If you are facing critical problems in the real-life, they just simply don’t care. They will continuously poke you. According to the performance of these people, they get an extra amount of money. Actually, the matter of fact is that they gain profit by bothering you. On the other hand, they also undertake some of the instigative procedures.

They even contact your neighbours, relatives and friends. They might also threaten to take away your assets, without any type of legal documents. Sometimes, they might act like they are negotiating with the creditors, but the matter is something else. The organization has already bought the debts from them.

Some Common Questions and Answers 

More knowledge will throw more light on your activity to deal with the debts, as well as on the Moorcroft. Here are some common answers to the most asked questions. 

Is the Company Legitimate? 

Yes, the Moorcroft company is absolutely legitimate that gathers all the debts from the people. They are also registered to the FCA with several reference numbers. The rules that are set are very much strict and they maintain it thoroughly. Apart from all the other actions, you should be confident that you are dealing with a legitimate debt collection company. 

What types of Debts do they Deal with?

The Moorcroft association deals with the collection of unsecured debts. Here are some of the debts that are to be called as unsecured. 

  • Credit cards
  • Different types of loans
  • Cards related to store
  • Debts of Council
  • Several types of fines and charges
  • Government’s own debts and others.

The company also has the power to find out all the other types of debts, from various types of sources. After finding them out, they will contact and deal with you, face to face. 

How can you face Moorcroft Legally? 

Facing the organizations with a number of debt charges against you is not an easy task. As they are proceeding legally, you also have to be prepared in a legal way. Taking the help of a practitioner and getting a voluntary agreement for you will act as a defensive process against the company. After that, you have to pay a certain amount at the end of every month.

Debt Collector and Bailiff — What are they actually? 

The debts collector can be called a creditor. He/she is the person who will lend you money and you need to repay it, within time, with interest. A bailiff is a group of people that works along with the creditors. If you are running late in the payment of the lent money, then they will come to your home, following all the legal procedures. 

Who actually Plays the Role of Moorcroft? 

You already know that Moorcroft is such a type of company that deals with the debt. The prime source behind it is the FCA where they are registered. If you feel that their behaviour is not up to the mark, then file a complaint against them, and it is legitimate. 

What is going on in your Credit Report?

To get the protective measures against the activities by Moorcroft, somehow your credit reports get a little bit hampered. This happens just because of the presence of the voluntary agreement. The agreement will be there for at least 5 years and might take at least another one year to be eliminated from your account records. 

What is the time span for the Collection?

Basically, there is no fixed time regarding this matter. Unless you pay all the debts, they will not rest. One main thing you need to keep in mind, give back all the debts before they sell it to companies like Moorcroft. If this happens, you might be in big trouble. 

Debt collection companies like Moorcroft buy this kind of debt. After that, they add up some additional charges, fees and near about doubles the amount. So, give back their money, as soon as possible. 

How can you Save your Earnings?

When the company aims your savings directly, you need to take the necessary precautions regarding that. In order to save it, visit the court and get a stay order on your earnings. Show the order when it is necessary and save your earnings. 

What is the Proof that you have Borrowed Money?

Never believe what they say. Always ask for the proof that you have really owed money and the amount is absolutely correct. Unless and until they show the proof, never ever get into any agreement. You might also ask for the list of templates that have to get an idea about the Prove It feature.