Lowell Financial Ltd — A Leading Debt Collection and Management Company

Do you owe money from anyone? Are you unable to pay that within the provided time? Have you recently received a letter from Lowell Financial Ltd? Then, it’s time to acknowledge what this company mainly deals with. Basically, a large number of renowned companies such as Vanquis Credit Cards, Capital One, O2, and others are associated with Lowell, in terms of collecting debts from the individuals. 

Moreover, this authorized company can make the debt payment process manageable, which will aid in the repayment process further. Even, the companies associated with the Lowell group are authorized and also controlled by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) to collect debts from the UK residents. 

So, if Lowell Financial has recently contacted you to pay the remaining debt amount, there’s nothing to fret over. You can easily deal with the Lowell debt collectors with ease. Here, we are compiling possible ways on how to tackle this debt collection company without taking further action. 

Can Lowell Financial Ltd Come to Collect Debts from the Debtor’s House? 

Yes! Their chances of coming to your house are quite natural when you will ignore their debt letter and won’t opt for repaying the debt, within the stipulated time. Moreover, Lowell has managed to deploy an experienced team of debt collectors who will first visit your house to discuss the alleged debt. 

Obviously, this sort of unwanted visit will be quite dreadful, especially when you are already bearing an excessive amount of stress. So, in a nutshell, it can be stated that these sudden visits can be quite detrimental, but not when you know how to efficiently handle them. 

So, if you are finding a legitimate way to keep aside the Lowell debt collectors, we are here to enlighten you. There are multiple tactics that can be highly beneficial for you. 

What Lowell Financial Ltd. does when an Individual Fails to Pay?

Being one of an eminent debt collection company, Lowell has equipped high-end analytical systems to track the debtor’s payment details. Moreover, their debt collection agents follow an effective debt process which will help to acquire more profit. 

In most instances, these methods can be stringent and can negatively impact the debtor’s health condition. Though the Government has imposed certain restrictions to misuse their legal power, their main tactics still prevail, which is intimidation. 

What Debt Collection Methods Does Lowell Financial Ltd Incorporate?

If Lowell Financial Ltd has already visited your house, then you must know what are the debt collection patterns they follow for the UK residents. But, if you have recently received a debt letter or card, out of nowhere, then you should first know how this company primarily works. 

Initially, you will receive an introductory letter and along with that, they will call you to let you know about the debt payment process. The entire communication is simply for initiating their pre-action protocols. 

Usually, the debt-payers will receive a letter where detailed information will be provided about the remaining debt amount, the number of debts that you have taken, and the additional charges that you have to repay as a fine. 

At the end of the letter, you will find the date of paying the debt; that’s basically a deadline for you. Additionally, you can even acknowledge what further actions Lowell Financial might take if you don’t pay the total amount. 

Here are initial steps their debt collectors usually opt for, for the debtors who fail to make payments:

  • A Home visit
  • Next, the Lowell Solicitors will take legal actions.
  • Specifically, they will issue a County Court Judgement when you will fail to repay.
  • Even, there is a high probability of bankruptcy for the individuals who owe debts which is more than £750.

Debt letters like this are quite common to perceive, which a large number of debt-payers tend to overlook. But, that’s what you shouldn’t do in the first place. Simply, pay the money the creditors owe to avoid further inconvenience. 

What are the Legal Rights Lowell Financial Holds? How it Can Negatively Impact Your Living?

Any company that is built for collecting debts from the citizens has to follow certain stringent legal rules and regulations. Likewise, Lowells also follow a strict code of conduct which appears to be a prime reason for stress for the debtors. So, in short, it can be stated that this code needs prompt change as it completely relies on intimidation.

Technically, a large number of male agents are associated with this company, and with their high pitch of voice tone, they try to force the individuals to pay the entire amount right away. This is an impossible task for most debtors, especially for the ones who have low monthly payments. And, the debt collection companies like Lowell Financial Ltd prime focus is to collect the debt, they are least bothered about the welfare of the individuals. 

List of the Rights Performed by Lowell Financial

Want to get additional information about the rights that are covered by this debt-collection and management agency? Here is the prolonged list of the rights they strictly follow:

  • Did you receive a debt letter from Lowells, even after not contacting them? Don’t worry, this sort of instance will take place even when you won’t let them know about the debt payment process. Because this company has every detail about your current and previous residence address. They even have the right to send the letter to the individuals who still owe money to their creditors. 
  • Additionally, they have the right to call you and discuss the debt payment process. 
  • The Lowell debt collectors can even visit your house without sending any prior notice. 
  • Lowell Financial can even claim additional interest, or penalties if you have signed up for another debt solution agreement, without notifying them.
  • They even have the legal authority to opt for the “right to offset” clause. In certain circumstances, the financial institutions claim to take away the money from the deposit accounts in order to meet the debt amount that you owe from the same institution.
  • If you cross the deadline limit to arrange the money, then this company might register a default on the credit file. Technically, the default registration process takes place within a short span. But, you will obviously get a notice before that. So, if you have received a default on the credit file, then it will automatically impact the credit score; obviously in a negative way. Ultimately, you will face hurdles to get credit in the future. 

Do you owe a debt of £5000 to Lowell Financial? Then, they can even issue a statutory demand against you. Initially, they will lead you towards bankruptcy and ultimately you have to take legal help to come out from this situation. 

What Initiatives Can a UK Resident Take Against Lowell Financial Ltd?

Wait! Don’t lose hope right now! Because there’s a lot you can do to save yourself from the debt collectors of Lowell Financial. And, here is the list of civil rights that can be effectively imposed against Lowells:

  • Lowell Financial might send you a letter, only when you owe a debt. But, if you haven’t ever borrowed money or cleared the previously taken debt, then they don’t have the right to take any further action. 
  • And, if they do so, it will be counted as harassment. If they repeatedly call you during your busy hours, even after telling them not to call, within that specific time, consider writing a letter. But, if you chose to do so, you have to undertake the responsibilities sincerely that they have prompted you to do.
  • Based on the UK data protection laws, Lowells don’t have the right to disclose or talk with any of our family members, relatives, or friends about the debt that you have taken. 
  • Moreover, if they pretend to have the legal power, which in reality they don’t even possess, then take immediate action. Previously, the creditors have threatened the debt-payers with the help of a document that looks like an official court document. 
  • Any threatening or abusive approach shouldn’t be appreciated by the UK natives. Moreover, if Lowell Financial Ltd deliberately tries to convince you to pay the debts by telling lies, seek legal steps. 

What Consequences One Might Have to Face for Ignoring the Debts with Lowell Financial?

Did you just ignore the debt letters or cards sent by Lowell Financial? Then, Lowells will automatically opt for taking multiple approaches for the debt payment. However, in most instances, they might take you to the court for reclaiming the money. 

At that point in time, you will be given two options — either you can pay the remaining debt at once or you can dispute the bill. Don’t forget to take immediate support from the legislations, if you have chosen to dispute the bill against Lowell Financial Ltd. 

Does Lowell Collect Debts from the Creditor Companies?

Yes! Being a leading debt collection company, Lowell has the right to manage debts from a wide range of other creditor companies. And, this simply includes – 

  • UK-Based Financial Institutions
  • Mobile Phone businesses
  • And, household bills from the utility companies

Once these companies decide to sell the debt, they won’t further facilitate your debt-related requirements. Because they further proceed to join with the debt collection agencies, to completely seize the debt collection and management instances. 

Are there Any Possibilities to Write Off the Debts with Lowell Group?

Getting out of debt might at times become unmanageable and nerve-wracking. But, it entirely depends on the overall amount of debt that needs to be paid. If you owe a debt worth £5000 or have more unsecured debts, then writing it off won’t be a hurdle. And, this total amount of debt might vary based on the number of loans, credit cards, catalogues, payday loans, overdrafts, and other unsecured debts that you have taken.  

What’s Included in the Lowell Group?

Basically, Lowell Group comes to light because of the integrated effort of two eminent and authorized companies. And, these companies are further regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). So, let’s find out who are these companies and what duties and responsibilities they mainly take into consideration:

First comes Lowell Portfolio 1 Ltd (FCA number 730071) — they mainly managed to join with the other companies for debt collection. And, Lowell Financial Ltd, falls under FCA number 730175, whose prime objective is to manage debts. They also opt for making repayment plans, based on the financial situation of the customers. 

What Type of Debts Lowell Financial Ltd Mainly Collects?

Being one of the largest debt collection agencies, Lowells have the capability to buy debts from a large number of legal sources. And, here is the list of the major debts concerns, this debt collection company have so far undertaken:

  • Parking Fines
  • Loans
  • Telephone bills
  • Council tax arrears
  • Benefit overpayments
  • Credit Cards
  • Water and electricity bills are included in the list. 

Does Lowell Have the Right to Take the Debt-Payers to Court?

Unfortunately, Yes! When you fail to make the debt payment, within their provided time, Lowell has the right to make a court claim against you. But, how can you acknowledge the fact whether this company has taken any court action or not? 

You will be simply notified by post and will be provided with two options:

  • Either, you have to pay the bills
  • Or, dispute the bill within time. 

But, you should only opt for the second option, when you don’t owe any debt and Lowell have inaccurately misinterpreted the entire debt payment process. So, if you are defending a debt collection lawsuit, make sure you have all the details and facts cleared, about the process, to avoid further inconvenience. 

How Can you Reach Out to Lowell Financial?

Do you want to immediately contact the executives of Lowell and want to ask about the debt payment-related details? Then simply, you can send a letter to their postal address; which is Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB. But, for that, you simply need to create an account, by providing the right credentials. You might even contact them through their official helpline number. 

What Needs to be Done if One files a Complaint Against Lowell Company?

Did you recently make a complaint about the unwanted debt letter you received from Lowell Financial? Or, when they call you to claim the debt even after paying the remaining amount, then you might have to file a complaint. 

And, if you are not satisfied with how the Lowell management team is dealing with the complaint, then feel free to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. Consider writing a letter at The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR. Further, you can send an email at [email protected], it’s easy to access and simple. 

Lowell Solicitors: Who are they and Do they have Any Legal Rights?

Have you opened a debt settlement account with Lowell? Then only, Lowell solicitors have the right to contact you. And in most instances, when you won’t send any further letter as a reply to their messages or fail to make the payment, they will proceed with taking legal action. 

Ultimately, this might lead to a County Court Judgment and you might even have to face even worse scenarios. When you fail to pay a CCJ, Lowell Solicitors will send bailiffs to seize the belongings you own. Once a legal firm gets involved in the debt payment process, then an additional interest rate and other associated costs will get added to the debt balance. 

How can a CCJ Decline Credibility?

You must be aware of a County Court Judgment. It’s a formal legal decision that is directed to the individuals who fail to repay the debts, within a month. Moreover, a CCJ will automatically get included in the debtor’s credit report for six years. It will ultimately not only impact someone’s credit score but also reduces the chances of securing credit in the future. 

How One Can Pay the Lowell Solicitors?

Did Lowell Solicitors recently contact you? Then, right now, you might be finding a way to pay the money, as early as possible. Basically, you will be given five options in order to pay the remaining debts. Choose the preferable one to avoid CCJ order in the first place:

  • You can pay them through their online portal by registering. Make sure, you have calculated the amount of money that needs to be paid. Also, opt for the right repayment plan which suits your budget.
  • Consider contacting them to get further information about the debt payment plans or methods.
  • They might even give you the opportunity to transfer the money to their provided bank account. 
  • Lowell Solicitors might also opt for a recurring debit card payment procedure to recover the debt amount.
  • Moreover, through standing order or Direct Debit, they might even check the current bank account details. 

How does Lowell help in the Debt Repayment?

Getting difficulty in managing the debt repayments? Then, Lowell can help you in making an effective payment plan which will be beneficial in the long run. Based on the available debt balance, they will help you to set a monthly expenditure, which will help you to save money every month. Additionally, for further payment-related information, you can always rely on them. With the help of “The Lowell Way”, they bring convenience in debt repayment.