JC International Acquisition: A Complete Guide

Debts, if not paid within the fixed deadline, might invite debt collectors at your doorstep. If you have received letters from JC International Acquisition, LLC., then we presume you have already been through a frightful realization. However, receiving letters or phone calls from JC International Acquisition wouldn’t snatch everything from you. 

On the other hand, taking them lightly is not an option, as well. If your debt conditions are alarming and the debt collectors are chasing you then you have to take the right action. If the name is JC International Acquisition, then here’s what that might quench up your curiosity. 

JC International Acquisition llc: Who are they?

This particular debt collector has a reputation in purchasing debts from several creditors and then collecting them on their own. So, it might seem quite strange when you hear that you owe money from JCIA that you have never got a credit from. However, this US-based debt collector has bought a UK-based firm named Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions Ltd. 

Now, JC International Acquisition llc operates with CARS and purchases debts from banks, telephonic organizations and other creditors. The debt collection company is completely authorized and governed by FCA. Additionally, they have an active membership of the Information Commissioner’s Office and Credit Services Association.

Why Would JC International Acquisition llc Contact you?

You might experience a shock when you receive an official letter from the debt collection agency informing you that you owe money from them. There are chances that JC International Acquisition is trying to collect the debt from you that you owe from other creditors. That’s what a debt collection company generally does. 

However, the amount of debt, from where you owe the money and the tight deadlines to pay off the debt would be clearly mentioned in the letter. Go through the letter for accurate details regarding your credits and the name of creditors. The debt collectors have bought the debt from the creditors, and they would chase you instead of your previous creditors.

JC International Acquisition Debt Collection Guide

There are lots of debt collectors operating across the UK, including JC International Acquisition LLC. If you’re reading this guide, there’s a good chance that you might already have been contacted by them.

Regardless of your situation, there’s no need to panic. There are lots of options available to debtors in the UK, and this guide contains all the information you need to know about JC International Acquisition and their debt collection practices.

JC International Acquisition llc: are They Legitimate?

JCIA Holdings, LLC. is a renowned group of companies that deal with debt purchases and collections in the United States. The main branch of the company resides at Hampshire, RG21 7PP. The head of the UK-based subsidiary of JC International Acquisition has confirmed that the agency has successfully acquired legal permissions from the Financial Conduct Authority. From 2016 and on, JC International Acquisition is working under strict regulations of FCA. 

In addition to this, Creditlink Account Recovery Solutions are in partnership with JC International Acquisition. CARS, governed by the FCA, is also a valid company in Wales and England. 

Who Sells Debts to JC International Acquisition?

Debt collectors can buy debts from different public and private sectors all across the United Kingdom. Usually, they purchase the debts at an outstanding debt amount, and then they collect the debt with interests. 

However, these are some of the organizations who can sell debts to JC International Acquisition:

  • Banks
  • Store Finance Businesses
  • Telecommunication Organizations
  • Credit Card Service Providers

The agents of JC International Acquisition might argue over debt collection, don’t let them in your home. Instead, you should contact a debt advice service provider for immediate and trustworthy results.

Stressed by the Recurring Calls and Letter from JC International Acquisition?

You might feel embarrassed while talking about your debts with the debt collection agents, from behalf of JC International Acquisition. But, the fact is that it’s their daily job to discuss the debt issues. And, you’re not alone who is struggling with an overdraft, payday loans, credit debts, mortgage loans etc in the entire UK. Make sure that you don’t panic and treat the agents as other human beings, just the way you treat others. 

Additionally, the agents should behave professionally and politely according to the FCA guidelines. They can’t force or threaten you. In addition to this, the agents should minimize the debt tantrums for you and settle with an affordable payment scheme.

Will Ignoring JC International Acquisition and its Letters Wipe out the Debts?

The situation would worsen if you start overlooking the letters or calls from JC International Acquisition. If they’re trying to get in touch with you, regarding your previous credits and debts, then ignoring them is not a wise idea. The harsh reality is that they can drag you to the court. Moreover, the debt problem won’t vanish, either.

On the other hand, it would just complicate the chances of getting rid of debt. Meanwhile, JC International Acquisition might impose extra penalty charges and even interest over them. Agents from the debt collection company can knock on your door, soon. 

Finally, it’s your credit file that might receive harm. So, respond to the letter and phone calls from JC International Acquisition, if you don’t want to welcome any further trouble.

Would JC International Acquisition come over to your house?

Well, if you don’t pay the debt in full, or don’t make any steady payments, associated with the debts, then there are possibilities that they can chase you to your home. In case, you haven’t informed the debt collection agency about your repayment plan or responded to their queries over the phone or mail, then you should get ready for a home visit from them.

From the moment JC International Acquisition seizes your debts and informs you through a letter, you are liable to address them regarding the debts you owe. And, they would inform you about all their actions in favour or against you. 

They would specify the debt amount and the deadline within which you have to pay the debt in full. Generally, JC International Acquisition or similar debt collectors offer a period of seven days to answer them or pay off the debt.

In case, you fail to meet up their demands or settle with a repayment procedure, then the company might add up extra charges. Even they can set a home visit to collect the debt from you.

Probable Results if you Can’t Make the Debt Repayments

JC International Acquisition is nothing exceptional from other debt collecting companies around the United Kingdom. They might start the conversation with gentle reminders through letters; but, if you don’t answer them they might take actions against you. 

However, the letter would include the following steps as part of their strict conduct code under Credit Services:

  • The agents of JC International Acquisition can come over your home.
  • If the debts still remain unpaid, then a Country Court Judgement can be registered against you.
  • In case, the debt exceeds £750, then there are possibilities that you might encounter a bankruptcy.

So, avoid complicated consequences taken by JC International Acquisition by considering monetary advice from a recognized financial institution.

What Happens if you Can’t Go with the Full Repayment?

If your financial situation doesn’t permit you to repay the debt in full, then you can talk to the representatives of JC International Acquisition. They might arrange a more affordable scheme to pay off all the outstanding debts. So, roll up your sleeves and make an efficient budget to rule out all the unnecessary expenditure, and make way for savings to repay the debt.

Moreover, the professional executives of JC International Acquisition should pay attention to your budget and what you can afford. Do stick to a manageable budget and payment instalment. Otherwise, missing an instalment might affect your finances.

What are the Rights of JC International Acquisition?

Fearing their aggressiveness and being ignorant towards their limits might confuse you over time. So, here’s the complete list of rights of JC International Acquisition regarding any debt collection scenario:

  • The officials might sneak into your account details; but, don’t freak as the systems are secure enough.
  • JC International Acquisition and its employees might contact you over the phone, what they consider as reasonable.
  • Additionally, sending letters to your dedicated address lies under their rights.
  • They can send their own employees or hire agents for visiting your home.
  • In case, you don’t recognize or refuse to owe the debt, then they can demand your valid identity card for verification.
  • Moreover, you might face additional fees and interests according to the outstanding debt.
  • You can be marked as a defaulter if you don’t pay within the promised time. It can deteriorate your reputation and might escalate complications while applying for credit in future.
  • In case, JC International Acquisition imposes a CCJ against you, the credit rating remains ruptured for the next 6 years.
  • You might face a statutory demand if the debt values way more than £5000. And, it can lead you to the bankruptcy consequences.

What Can’t JC International Acquisition Do?

Though they are liable to take strict court actions against you, keep in mind that they are not bailiffs. There are a couple of things that are beyond the rights of the debt collection companies, and here it goes:

  • JC International Acquisition can’t embarrass you.
  • They can’t threaten you by showing off their legal capabilities.
  • Additionally, they can’t disclose your debt matters with others.
  • They don’t have the power to remove anything from your house or take away your car.
  • You need not pay the extra charges that are not specified in the letter.

Know about your Rights

If you think that you can’t move against JC International acquisition then you’re probably wrong. You, too, have a dedicated set of rights to eliminate the harassment from such debt collectors.

  • The agents can’t talk about your debts to your family members or colleagues. According to the Data Protection Law, they have to seek your approval first, and only then, they are liable to do so.
  • You can ask them to contact you through only letters. But, ensure that you respond to them regularly.
  • If you feel disheartened by any of their words and actions, then you can register your complaints. But, you can’t make it an excuse for the failure to repay the debts.

Where to Post your Complaints against JC International Acquisition?

If you have any complaints against this debt collector then you have to contact the authorities of the same company. On the other hand, if it’s related to CARS then you must reach the contact channels of CARS to post your complaint.

How to Pay JC International Acquisition?

You might have probably decided to pay off all your debts that are claimed by JC International Acquisition llc contact number. The debt collector might instruct CARS to contact you. First things first, check that they have indicated debts, according to the official credit documents. If you go for the entire repayment scheme, then CARS might listen to your negotiation. Otherwise, you can go for the instalments and the affordable payments can be done through cards.

Ways to Handle JC International Acquisition

Paying the debts would help you to stay relaxed from the financial pressure and chases from the debt collectors. However, making payments might not be the most feasible option, every time. You can seek financial advice from a reputed organization. If you’re currently beyond the condition of paying them up and the debt is over £5000, then an IVA can work for you.

Thousands of debtors have found their second chances with IVA, debt management plans, bankruptcy and other strategies. Well, these plans might impact your credit rating for the upcoming years. But, once you recover from a financial disaster you can repair your credit rating.

Can I stop them from contacting me?

You won’t usually be possible to stop JC International from contacting you without the help of a formal debt solution. For more information on how a debt solution could help your situation, it could help to read more about Debt Relief Orders (DROs) and Individual Voluntary Arrangements /IVA Debt Advice UK.

JC International can still contact you unless a solution such as those described above is in place, but you can ask for them to only contact you in certain ways – for instance via post and not by phone.

What if I can’t afford to pay JC International Acquisition?

If you’re struggling to cope with your financial situation, help is on hand. In the event that you’ve received a letter or another communication from JC International Acquisition, don’t feel that you have to pay up without taking time to consider your position. The organisations listed below can provide free and impartial advice that could help you to make sense of your situation:

  1. https://moneyadviceservice.net/
  2. https://steptochanges.com/
  3. https://nationaldebtlines.co.uk/

Grab the Right Path…

Hopefully, all your doubts and queries regarding JC International Acquisition llc contact number have been resolved. Struggling with your outstanding debt can be a nightmare but the truth is that you can’t escape from debts. Therefore, if you’re stuck with debt collectors, and there’s been an increase in the debt amount, then you should craft a budget for a repayment scheme. 

Or else, you might encounter court proceedings, in case you ignore calls and letters from the debt collection agency. Contact your national debt advice financial advisor today. Additionally, don’t allow the debt collection agents to enter your household premises. Work on your budget and bring yourself to the mainstream of life.