Who are BPO Collections? What is their Role in Collecting Debts?

The BPO collections is a private agency that is situated in Ayrshire, United Kingdom. The company first started its work in 2006. The headquarters of the company is in Iceland. It is regulated by the Prospect Financial Europe Ehf. Unfortunately, the BPO Collections, this BPO debt collection company does not have an online presence. 

Generally, the BPO buys the unfinished debts from various types of creditors and that too at a much cheaper price. After that, they begin the collection from the debtors with extra additional charges and interests. Let’s get to know more about — who are BPO collections?

Are their Identities Legitimate?

Of course, it is legitimate. The BPO runs under the authorization of the Financial Conduct Authority Act. On the other hand, the company also works on the behalf of more than one blue-chip client, they all belong to the United Kingdom. Some of them are like Talk Talk, British Gas, Sky, BT and many more. In the early stage of their existence, they used to work and collect debts for a payday lending company which is Wonga. 

Several Forms of BPO Debt Collection

The BPO Collections comes in several other forms that chase various types of debts. There is a group of people who deal with self-employed debtors. On the other hand, there are a few executives of the BPO debt collection contact number that work on the orders of credit card organizations. Sometimes, if necessary they hide their identity to sort out any matter. Apart from that, they also play the role of individual debt collectors in certain cases. 

The BPO debt collection Works for —

Certain money lending organizations that are present in the UK and some are given below. So, let’s check them out: 

  • EE
  • Npower
  • Gas Bills
  • Virgin Media
  • Electricity Bills
  • O2
  • Council Tax
  • Catalogue Debts and others

Further, HMRC is also involved in this matter. The BPO also collects debts for them. In case of any emergency situations, they also utilize the HMRC debts to resolve it. 

Are you Sure about the BPO debt collection?

Being sure of having debts will help you to sort the situation easily. When the debt collectors of the BPO contact you, always ask them to show the valid and written proofs about the debts. The credit agreement will make the terms clear. If they have really purchased your debt from the creditors, then asking for the credit agreement is a genuine request. If this doesn’t happen, then make sure they are not the real people and obviously don’t belong to the BPO. 

Should You Pay the remaining Debt?

According to the experts, there are no valid reasons for paying the remaining debt amount with added charges and interests. So, there is no question of paying the debt collectors of the BPO, even if you have the financial ability to do so. In this type of cases, contact the creditors directly. Talk to them about reverting back the sale of debt that has already taken place with the BPO. This will result in just paying the debt amount. But, if no such circumstances take place, then you need to pay the debt, to save your reputation.

Chances of facing a Negative aspect

Not everyone is too strong to hold their nerves and talk to the debt collectors in a straightforward manner. Obviously, they are professionals and know several tactics to make you fall for their words. Thus, you should never panic. 

Talk to them normally and try to sort the matter. Moreover, always mention the points that are important. If you don’t do so, you might get manipulated. Thus, resulting in frustration losing your peace of mind. 

BPO Debt Collections: The “Must Maintain” Rules

Just because they are BPO debt collectors, that doesn’t mean that they can do anything. They must follow the strict rules according to the Office of Fair Trading, 2012 (OFT):

  • Have to treat the debtors fairly
  • Must not use slang or harsh language
  • Have to deliver point-to-point and clear information
  • Must not mislead the debtors
  • Cannot force the debtors into anything

If you are being treated unfairly, then the facility of filing complaints is obviously there. Just visit the BPO debt collection official website of fair trading and fill up the details to proceed. 

Want to Ignore the BPO Debt Collectors?

You must not do that and never ignore the debt collectors. If you ignore their phone calls or don’t reply to their letters, then the circumstances might become critical. If they appeal to the County court against you, then you will be in big trouble. This situation might spoil your reputation. So, if they contact you, always try to maintain a stable communication.

Will this Risk your Assets?

The basic question is that if this entire debt collection will risk the belongings that have a great monetary value? Yes, it can. Thus, you have to build up the entire matter in such a way that your assets can be counted out. You can take the help of a debt management plan to repay the debts. Hire and take the help of an Insolvency Practitioner. Visit a reputed debt help organization and pick up a plan. After that, do what your IP says.

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Steps followed by the BPO Collections Contact number—

The BPO collections contact number will proceed according to the formal procedures to claim the debt from you. On failing to do so, their further steps are very much logical and legitimate. Apart from issuing a judgement against you from the County court, they can also take help from the government bailiffs. Now, if the UK government gets involved, things will not remain normal as it is before. At the utmost situation, you might be forced to give away all the valuable items that belong to you to fulfil the debts.